The Tapjoy SDK has been integrated into thousands of iOS and Android apps, thereby creating a massive network of apps and user data.

Goal: Get users within the Tapjoy network to install and engage with more Tapjoy games.

Solution: At the time there were a lot of people talking about the app discovery problem. The Apple App Store had discovery issues, and the Android store hadn’t been released yet. The idea was to create our own app discovery site so we could suggest more Tapjoy network games to our current users. We were able to connect users with more games they might like by analyzing data like which games they have installed, opened recently, or have spent a lot of time playing.

“Why are these particular apps being suggested for me?”

Early user testing found that the majority of users didn’t like having suggestions without context. We also found that users became frustrated when apps they didn’t want or had already installed were among their suggestions.

As a result of this feedback, we looked into ways in which we could surface more context about each app along with some calls to action that give users some control over their results.

By tapping the “i” icon, users could view more information on the back of the app card. Tapping either CTA would remove it from the list of apps and automatically replace it with the next best option.

– UX
– UI
– Prototypes for user testing